Music Lessons and Classes

Gifted Music School offers classes and private lessons as well as several different guided programs for your child.



Individual Lessons (all ages, all levels)

Music Appreciation & History



Individual Lessons (all ages, all levels)

Performance Classes

  • Cello Ensemble
  • Chamber Music
  • Children's Chorus (coming soon)
  • Introductory Chorus (coming soon)
  • Improvisation and Alternative Styles (returning soon)
  • You Can Ukulele! (returning soon)
  • Bucket Drumming (returning soon)
  • Elements of Composition (coming soon)
  • Children's Choirs (returning soon)
  • String Group Classes (included in Private Lesson Packages)

Early Childhood Classes (ages 0-7)

  • Suzuki Program
    • Suzuki Early Childhood Education (returning soon)
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics
    • Music and Movement (returning soon)
  • Kodály Early Childhood Classes
    • Music Preschool (returning soon)
    • Music Essentials (returning soon)
  • Solfege and Musical Fundamentals
    • Training Year with GMS Founder, Dr. Vera Watanabe (returning soon)

Classes for Adults

Classes for Teachers


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Academic Year

Fall Semester — August 29, 2020 to January 17, 2021
Spring Semester — January 23, 2021 to May 24, 2021
Summer Semester — June 5, 2021 to August 21, 2021