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Learning to play the viola at the Gifted Music School opens up myriad exciting options for students. Viola students at the Gifted Music School may take viola group classes, history and theory classes, and discover how rewarding it is to be the inner voice in chamber and orchestral music, all while studying with a world-class faculty. 

The Gifted Music School offers two teaching styles for viola instruction: Suzuki viola lessons and traditional viola lessons. In both approaches, rigorous musical training is balanced with the joy of creativity, and students can grow into great artists. 

The Suzuki viola method begins teaching students viola and music as young as 2 years old. Even if children cannot read, they can begin Suzuki viola lessons, which emphasize listening, repetition, and loving encouragement from parents and teachers.

Traditional viola lessons usually begin when a child can read, or about 5 years old. Traditional viola lessons emphasize skill development that is concurrent with reading music. Often very young children will start with a Suzuki approach and gradually transition into traditional viola lessons based on teacher recommendations.

Becoming a violist means becoming part of a tight-knit family, both locally and internationally, and being at Gifted Music School gives students entree into other local viola organizations. We highly recommend that our students, even while very young, become part of the Utah Viola Society and American Viola Society, taking advantage of the wonderful recitals, inspiring masterclasses and workshops, and unique conferences those great organizations provide. Students in or past Suzuki Book 3 are also welcome to audition for Viola Band, a violas-only performing ensemble that holds its rehearsals at the Gifted Music School. The group performs many styles of music, including new compositions and arrangements each semester.

If you would like to learn more about viola lessons at the Gifted Music School, contact us.

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