Preparatory Chorus

The Preparatory Chorus is an introductory hybrid group voice class, open to singers ages 5-8, who have little or no former singing experience through placement audition. Singers will learn the fundamentals of healthy vocal production, develop underlying skills necessary for part independence in ensemble singing, build confidence, and explore their voices in both solo and ensemble formats, within developmentally-appropriate vocal activities and repertoire. Students perform in two concerts per year.
Dr. Sarah Houghton holds an MA from New York University, a DMA in Music Education from Boston University, and has most recently worked as Director of Children's Choruses at the prestigious New England Conservatory, in Boston. She is looking forward to building a vibrant choral program at the Gifted Music School.

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Course Details
Instructor(s) Dr. Sarah Houghton
Meets Thursdays at 4:15pm
Duration 30 minutes
Length 15 weeks
Starts ---
Ends ---
Age Range 5 to 8
Music Fee $15/semester
Location On Campus (In-Person)


Tuition for GMS Lesson Students
Tuition for All Others
$100/semester $180/semester



Attend the first class risk-free!



Placement Audition

There is an initial audition for all choirs at the beginning of the year used to determine the best placement. Come prepared with a short song (of your choice) that you feel comfortable singing. If you are unsure whether your child should be placed in the Children's Chorus, Preparatory Chorus, or private voice lessons, Dr. Houghton will be able to provide individualized feedback and recommendations at the placement audition. More information on the placement audition is forthcoming.

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