Donors' Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a gift to The Gifted Music School? 

You can make a donation to Gifted Music School online, by calling (801) 289-6950, or by mailing your check to:

Gifted Music School
182 South 600 East
Salt Lake City, UT

Gifted Music School welcomes gifts that commemorate a special person or occasion. You may donate in memory or in honor of someone online, or you may send in check to the address above. For questions about how to make gifts in honor/memory of someone close to you, please contact us at or by calling (801) 300-1199.

Planned gifts/bequest gifts include everything from naming the Gifted Music School in your will to contributing charitable gifts of annuities and securities. For more detailed information, contact us at or by calling (801) 300-1199.

What is the difference between an endowed gift and a current gift?

A current gift goes toward supporting costs incurred in the current fiscal year.

Endowment gifts provide permanent support for the Gifted Music School. Gifts to the endowment are invested and only a percentage of the income generated from the principal is spent. The percentage of the principal is determined according to a spending rate established by the School's Board of Trustees (typically about 5 percent). Any difference between the amount spent and the amount earned is reinvested in order to help the endowment keep pace with inflation.

Can I donate a musical instrument to Gifted Music School?

The opportunity to play a quality instrument can make an important difference in a young musician's artistic development and we welcome inquiries about these types of gifts. If you have questions about a gift of this nature, please contact us at or by calling (801) 300-1199. 

Does Gifted Music School accept in-kind gifts of books, scores, manuscripts, and recorded material?

Gifted Music School is pleased to consider contributions of certain types of materials, particularly rare items and special collections, should the items be useful for the young artists studying here. Unfortunately, space limitations prevent the school from accepting all gifts that are offered. To inquire about making such a gift, please contact us at or by calling (801) 300-1199. 

Can I donate to Gifted Music School via stock or wire transfer?

Yes, Gifted Music School accepts donations via stock or wire transfer. To make a stock or wire transfer donation, please contact us at or by calling (801) 300-1199 for bank routing numbers and transfer details.

How do I get priority access to tickets for Gifted Music School performances?

Become a member of one of Gifted Music School's premiere donor levels to enjoy a myriad of benefits including complimentary tickets to various performances throughout the year. Each level of membership offers a variety of performance and event options. For more information about membership levels, please contact us at (801) 300-1199.

How do I visit Gifted Music School or take a tour?

If you are a prospective student or parent contact Susan Andersen at to schedule a time for a tour.

Can I take classes at the Gifted Music School?

Yes. Gifted Music School's Preparatory Division is open to the public and offers a variety of courses each semester. To find out about the course offerings and requirements, please visit our Lessons and Classes page or contact Susan Andersen at or at (801) 300-1199.