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The cello lessons offered at the Gifted Music School is at the highest level. Cello students as young as 3 years old have the opportunity to work with world-class teachers who have experience, advanced music degrees, and years of speicalized teacher training and professional development. At the Gifted Music School, children can grow their abilities to artist level and beyond. GMS also offers the student a complete music education including private lessons, theory, chamber music, and orchestral learning experience.

The Gifted Music School offers two teaching styles for cello instruction: Suzuki cello lessons and traditional cello lessons.

The Suzuki cello method begins teaching students cello and music as young as 3 years old. Even if children cannot read, they can begin Suzuki cello lessons, which emphasize listening, repetition, and loving encouragement and involvement from parents and teachers.

Traditional cello lessons are offered for students who have surpassed the repertoire listed in the Suzuki Method cello books.  Placement in traditional lessons is done by interview and audition with the head of the cello department.

All cello students combine together in group class and cello choir classes, which give the students a community in which they celebrate their ability to collaborate and make beautiful music together. It is this community that is one of the hallmark's of the Gifted Music School.

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Cello Faculty



Dr. Lauren Posey, Cello Area Chair
Kelly McConkie Stewart, Faculty Recital Coordinator