Gifted Music School's staff and leadership team are laser-focused on expanding access to the best music lessons in Utah. At Gifted Music School, we nurture students of all ages and skill levels. We are ready to help you work on the most important aspects of becoming the musician you've always wanted to be!





Senior Leadership

Justin Morgan, Interim Executive Director
Heather Moore, Senior Advisor (Former Executive Director)
Anna Maxwell, Executive Assistant


Program Administration

Dr. April Clayton, Artistic Director
Susan Andersen, Preparatory Director
Linda Duan, Conservatory Director
Rachel H. Taft, GRIT Program Coordinator
Katherine Baird, Suzuki Program Coordinator
Kristina Turner, Suzuki Program Coordinator



Jennifer Way Zemp, Board Member | Development Chair
Juniper Taylor, Development Associate


Creative Department

Adam Wester, Creative Director
Elijah Rizzuto Smith, Social Media Producer


Student Services Staff

Karin Bauer
Joey Calkins
Noel Jacobsen
Anna Maxwell
Joanne Rowland


Office Staff

Angela Roundy, Payroll Administrator


Artistic Staff

Shenae Anderson, Conservatory Orchestra Coordinator
Katherine Baird, Preparatory Chamber Music Coordinator
Josh Whisenant, Piano Ensemble Assistant
Shelley Astle, Collaborative Pianist