Violin Lessons

The violin instruction offered at Gifted Music School is unparalleled. Violin students as young as 2-years old have the opportunity to work with world-class teachers. At Gifted Music School, children can grow their abilities to artist level and beyond. The school also offers the student the possibility of a complete music education including private lessons, theory, chamber music, and orchestral learning experience.

Gifted Music School offers two teaching styles for violin instruction: Suzuki violin lessons and traditional violin lessons.

The Suzuki violin method begins teaching students violin and music as young as 2 years old. Even if children cannot read, they can begin Suzuki violin lessons, which emphasize listening, repetition, and loving encouragement from parents and teachers.

Traditional violin lessons usually begin when a child can read, or about 5 years old. Traditional violin lessons emphasize skill development that is concurrent with reading music. Often very young children will start with a Suzuki approach and gradually transition into traditional violin lessons based on teacher recommendations.

Some of the best violin students from the GMS strings program have continued their education at the world's top conservatories including Juilliard, Curtis, Colburn, and San Francisco Conservatories.

College bound violin students from the Gifted Music School who pursue academic degrees have received top scholarships from universities. These students have been accepted as students at colleges like Stanford and Vanderbilt.

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