Violin Lessons

The violin instruction offered at Gifted Music School is unparalleled. Through Gifted Music School's nationally recognized Suzuki Program, violin students as young as 2-years old have the opportunity to work with world-class teachers. At Gifted Music School, children can grow their abilities to artist-level and beyond. The school also offers the student the possibility of a complete music education including private lessons, theory, chamber music, and orchestral learning experience.


Violin Faculty

Eugene Watanabe, String Area Chair
Stacy Smith, Suzuki Program Director and Violin Coordinator
Shenae Anderson
Thomas Baron *
McKenzie Clawson
Kathryn Eberle *
Gerald Elias *
Brecklyn Ferrin
Tina Johnson
Deborah Moench
Rebecca Moench *
David Price
Rachel H. Taft
Melissa Thatcher *
Monica Thiriot
Kristina Turner
Brynn Vance


* denotes adjunct faculty
denotes emeritus faculty current and founding board member