String Faculty

The string faculty team at the Gifted Music School, chaired by co-founder Eugene Watanabe, features dedicated pedagagues and performing artists from throughout the world. Collectively the team nurtures and trains some of the finest young artists in the country. Graduating, career-minded string students have pursued their musical study at the nation's finest music conservatories including Curtis, Juilliard, Colburn, San Francisco, and others. Our students have been heard nationally on NPR's From the Top radio program, KBYU-FM, regularly with the Utah Symphony, and recognized at national events and all local competitions.  


String Area

Eugene Watanabe, String Area Chair
Kristina Turner, Suzuki Program Coordinator
Katherine Baird, Suzuki Program Coordinator
Dr. Kate Jones, Suzuki Teacher Trainer-in-Residence


Shenae Anderson
Thomas Baron *
McKenzie Clawson
Tina Johnson
Deborah Moench ‡
Rebecca Moench *
David Price
Stacy Smith
Rachel H. Taft
Melissa Thatcher *
Monica Thiriot
Kristina Turner
Brynn Vance
Eugene Watanabe


Dr. LeeAnn Morgan
Erin Nolan
John T. Posadas
Kristina Turner


Katherine Baird
Anne Francis Bayless
Livingston Cheney
Brittany Gardner *
Colin Mitchell
Kevin Shumway
Kelly McConkie Stewart


Double Bass
Hillary Fuller
Dr. Kate Jones
David Yavornitzky *


* denotes adjunct faculty
 denotes emeritus faculty