Individual Donors

We thank the following Individual Donors.  The School would not be possible without each and every one of you.  Please note, list is updated throughout the year.

Title Sponsors

Anonymous Donor

Arthur and Georgia Dummer

Peterson Homes

Peterson Partners

Joel and Diana Peterson

Leon and Karen Peterson

Barbara Tanner

OC Tanner

Eugene Watanabe and Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe

Producer Sponsors

Child Family Foundation

Community Foundation of Utah

Zeke and Angela Dumke

George S. and Dolores Dore’ Eccles Foundation

Nancy Futrell

Drs. Kelly and Nina Hubbard

Scott Huntsman

Larry H. Miller Charities

Louis and Deborah Moench

Matt Rigby and Chandra Lovell

Dorotha Smart

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

The Wheeler Foundation

Andrew Swan

Performer Sponsor

Beesley Family Foundation

Brinks, Gilson and Lione

Cottonwood Title

Dr. Scott Epstein and Jonah Sokoloff

William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation

Dr. Steve Neeleman

Artist Sponsor

Frederick H. Barth Foundation

Travis and Akemi Call

Skip and Susan Daynes

Mark and Gretchen Durham

Matt Durham and Mary-Margaret Pingree

Spencer Eccles

Patricia Horton

Herb Hayashi and Dr. Kristen Keefe

JP and Elaine Hughes

Jordan River Women’s Health

Tonya and Ryan Marshall

Alan and Marilyn Morris

McCarthey Family Foundation

Ray Quinney & Nebeker Foundation

Mike Roberts

Elliot Smith and Neylan McBaine

Salt Lake City Arts Council

Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks

Richard and Ann Staples

Michelle and Adam Wester

Utah Division of Arts and Museums

Jack Wheatley

Patron Sponsor

Pamella Anderson

Susan and Clark Andersen

Thomas Baron

Marna P. Berry

Nelda Bishop

Kent and Shelli Boynton

Tony and Emily Brown

Sally Browning

Ted Capener

Steven Caputo

Chapman Richards

Doug and Laraine Christensen

Edward and Carleen Clark

Pam and Hal Cole

Adam and Diana Condie

Natalie Cottrill and David Yavornitzky

Dr. Antonio and Maria Cutillo

Dadiva Foundation

Skip and Susan Daynes

David and Donna Dalton

Melinda Dummer

Lisa Evans

DeAnn Eves

Ben and Meg Ferry

James Ford and Ariel Bybee

Francois de la Giroday

Robert and Mary Jayne Dellenbach

Edwin and Gertrude Duncan

Gregory and Jane Earl

Rinar and Kelly Erickson

Robert and Susie Gardiner

William Goldsmith

Jared and Laura Graham

Donald Halterman

Carolee Harmon

Rich and Jackie Hartwick

Paul and Leora Hewitt

Keith and Suzanne Holbrook

Riley and Callie Holmes

Bob and Joan Horton

Dale and Renee Hull

Scott and Hilary Hunt

Preston G. Hughes Foundation

Donna Rosatti Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Kanter Family Foundation

Nancy P. Keefe

Scott and Allison Kendall

Crystal Kim

Hyuckse Kwon and InSook Chun

Katherine Liddle

Ken Lind

Charles and Mary Ann Lush

Pamela March

Ann Marcusen

Lisa Matsuda and Damon Papac

Todd Matsuda

Athanasios and Catherine Mattas

Daniel and Noemi Mattis

Cindy McCandless

Susan Mikell

Matt and Heather Moore

Justin Morgan

Tony and Mary Morgan

Orion Nash

Nebeker Family Foundation

J. David Nelson

William and Ruth Ohlsen

Don Ostler

Wanda Peacock

Travis and Manami Perkins

George and Anne Pingree

Marybeth Pitchkites

Dan and Susanne Price

Vaughn Pulsipher

Julie Rencher

Doug Rollins and Sariah Toronto

Joanne Rowland

Walter and Marilyn Rudolph

Shauna Sloan

Matt and Elise Stanley

John and Susan Steed

David and Jennifer Tippetts

Reed and Anna Topham

George Thomsen

Janet L. Trayner

Triton Investments

Mark and Susan Vaughn

Heidi and WIlliam C. Jr. Vriens

Steve and Rebecca Waldron

West American Finance Corporation

Jon and Susan White

Judy and Willis Whittlesey*

David and Jerre  Winder

Corey and Tiffanie Wride

Shauna Young

Jared and Jenny Zemp