Training Year

A rare opportunity to learn directly from one of Gifted Music School's founders, "Training Year" is an essential music fundamentals course for any aspiring young musician. Whatever your child's musical interests may be—singing, playing an instrument, composition or songwriting, etc.—this class is designed to benefit students of any background who have an aptitude for or interest in music. Singing, rhythmic dictation, solfege, ear training, basic keyboarding, and transposition are just a few of the vital skills that students will develop in this class.

This class is a game-changer for any student looking for high-quality, well-rounded music instruction. We highly recommend this class for any student who has their eyes set on auditioning for the full-scholarship Conservatory at Gifted Music School later down the road.


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Course Details

Instructor: Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe
Cost: $425/semester
Meets: Mondays at 6pm (15 sessions)
Duration: 50 minutes
Participants: Ages 7 to 8
Class Size Limit: 10 students
Location: In-Person, On Campus
Required Materials: Piano or keyboard at home, music staff paper, pencil, eraser, and voice. Additional materials provided by the instructor.