The festival and the winners recital were on January 22, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Due to Covid-19, both the competition and the festival were held online. Check back soon for a recording of the festival. 

This year's winners are as follows:

Elementary Solo

1st place: Madelyn Grace Swigert

2nd place: Brooklyn Lee

Honorable Mention: Wyatt Christensen, Aurora Vasefi

Intermediate Solo:

1st place: Maya Marsh

2nd place: Taylor Trimble

Honorable Mention: Zaman Siddiqi, Norah Day

High School Solo:

1st place: Megan Tandar

2nd place: Claire Dowdell

Best Performance of a work by a composer of Polish Descent:

1st place: Maya Marsh

2nd place: Aurora Vasefi

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Lee

Duets - Elementary:

Winners: Eve and Aurora Vasefi

Duets - Junior/High school:

Winners: Norah and Elizabeth Day  


Sponsored by the  GIFTED MUSIC SCHOOL, this event celebrates Paderewski's legacy and keeps it alive through festivities, a competition, and lectures.

APPLY HERE: Please fill out the application form  and pay the application fee ($30 for soloists and $60 per chamber group). 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Application date for 2022 has not yet been yet. 

WHEN: Competition: Date for Piano and Chamber Music Competition 2022 has not been set yet. 

                  Awards: Date for Paderewski Festival 2022 has not been set yet

WHERE: Competition: Musicians will submit their pieces as a YouTube link to

                     Awards and Winners Recital: Winers will be annouced in a live zoom awards ceremony. Winning submissions will be played during the ceremony. 

HOW:   Submissions will be a 2-step process. 1) submit your video(s) and 2) submit your scores. 


  1. TAKE ONE VIDEO for each piece. If you are competing with three pieces, you will submit three YouTube links. Audio-only submissions will not be accepted. Videos should be taken with a smart phone (no professional recordings will be accepted). If using a microphone, please note that no professional microphones are allowed.
  2. DO NOT Announce your Name. DO announce your piece(s). If you announce your name, you will be disqualified.
  3. Film in a place where we can see your entire body (side view so that your feet show as well as your upper body like so ). 
  4. DRESS like you would in a live competition.
  5. UPLOADING: This is so easy to do from a phone!  
    • Log into your YouTube account
    • Click on the video icon at the top right hand side of the window, which can be found next to your user icon, messages, apps, and notifications
    • Click ‘Upload Video’
    • Press ‘select files to upload’ to find the video file saved on your computer. Or, you can drag and drop it into the window.
    • Upload as an unlisted video (you'll be given the options of Unlisted, Public, Private, or Scheduled when you first go to upload the video).  Do not have it public due to copyrights. 
    • After you have uploaded your video, you'll see a link for your video on the left hand side - copy the link to the video and send it to Test the link before you send it, to be sure it works.
    •  Please remember that only YouTube links will be accepted. No email attachments can be accepted as a submission. Remember to send one YouTube link for every piece you are submitting.


       Contestants must scan and upload their solo part or score for the judges to this folder. No names or notes may appear on the judges’ part or score. Make a separate file for EACH score you’re submitting. Name it           Last Name of composer and Title of the piece. You don’t need to use the whole title if it’s long, just something that will help us recognize the piece.

       Example: I want to upload a score for Berceuse Op. 57 in D flat major by Chopin, I would name my file Chopin Berceuse.

AWARDS:  Cash and other prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners in each category.

                        Special Paderewski Prize: Given to best performance of music of Polish Descent (Chopin, Paderewski, etc.)

                        One or more honor recipients' submissions may be played during the awards ceremony.


          Piano Solo Competition: Students ages 5 and older and open to pianists of all levels.

          Repertoire requirement: 2 contrasting pieces different style periods in Elementary and Intermediate Divisions and 3 contrasting piece in

          High School Division

          Piano Duets Competition:  Students age 5 to 18 and open to pianists of all levels. 

          Repertoire requirement: 1 piece or one movement of a larger work. 

Chamber Competition: Student groups, quartets, quintets, trios, duos, all classical instrumentation.  Age limit is 18 (except, up to age 21 for woodwind performers).

Repertoire requirement: 1 piece in Junior Division and 1-2 pieces in High School Division.


AWARDS:  Cash and non-cash prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners in each category.

                        Special Paderewski Prize: Given to best performance of music of Polish Descent (Chopin, Paderewski, etc.)

                        All students and groups will be recognized with a certificate and medal at the celebration concert.

                        One or more honor recipients may be asked to perform at the winners' concert.

DIRECTORS:        Coleen Jan Paderewski, co-director of the Paderewski Music Festival and President of the Utah Paderewski Foundation

                                      Eugene Watanabe, co-director of the Paderewski Music Festival

                                      Dr. LeeAnn Morgan, Director of Chamber Music Competition

                                      Sandra Marsh, Piano Music Competition Manager

                                      Jakob Muklewicz, Organizing Committee


If you would like to become a sponsor and donate, please click here to DONATE. 

For QUESTIONS please contact Sandra Marsh at

Watch this video to LEARN MORE about Ignacy Jan Paderewski



Paderewski at the piano SMALLPaderewski Portrait SMALLColeen with Paderewski statute

Left and middle: Paderewski, and Right: Coleen Paderewski--co-director of the Festival

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