Kristina Turner, Violin, Viola

BA, Western Washington University


Walter Schwede, Grant Donnellen, Eric Kean, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Professional Affiliations

Registered teacher with the Suzuki Association of the Americas

Whatcom Symphony Orchestra 2007-Present

Suzuki Association of Washington State - Board Member - 2017 to present


SAA Registered Training

Every Child Can!
Suzuki Principles in Action
Violin Unit 1
Violin Unit 2
Violin Unit 3
Violin Unit 4
Violin Unit 5
Violin Unit 6
Violin Unit 7
Violin Unit 8
Violin Unit 9/10
Violin Practicum
Viola Unit 3
Viola Unit 4
Viola Unit 6
Viola Unit 7
Viola Unit 8
Viola Unit 9
Prenatal Through Baby/Toddler Years, Stage 1 - Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Prenatal Through Baby/Toddler Years, Stage 2 - Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Curriculum Revision Course - Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Enrichment (Bass, Cello, Guitar, Viola, Violin) "Suzuki in the Schools"
Enrichment (Violin and Viola) "Always with Excellence: Developing Technique, Musicianship, and Character from PreTwinkle to Mozart"