Classes for Everyone

Gifted Music School is proud to present classes that engage students of every age and background. Check here frequently to see some of the courses and offerings you might not expect at other traditional music schools.


Current Offerings

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How To Participate

Browse the available courses and complete the registration form to enroll in a class. Once you have competed the registration process and set up your account in our online portal (MyMusicStaff), we will send you more detailed instructions for how to access the class, including download and access instructions for online learning (as applicable).


Why are some of these courses discounted?

We know these are tough financial times for many in our society with the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are offering several of our Fall 2020 courses at discounted rates to make outstanding music education accessible to all.

While we are proud to continue serving our community during these difficult times, the downturn has affected us as well and we still have many administrative and teaching costs to cover. If you are able, and only if you are able, please consider supporting Gifted Music School.