Cindy Spell


BM, East Carolina University
MM, East Carolina University

Past Teachers

Dr. Elliot Frank

Professional Affiliations and Activities

My guitar studies began in high school and continued in college at East Carolina University, where I studied with Dr. Elliot Frank. While earning my master’s degree, I had many teaching opportunities and I discovered my love of sharing music and this wonderful instrument with others. As a child, I had always been attracted to the sound of plucked strings in folk and popular music. But, when I first heard a performance on classical guitar, I knew I had found my voice. The clear tone quality of the nylon strings and the chordal and contrapuntal capabilities of the instrument drew me in. There is something earthy and natural about the connection of fingertips to strings to set the vibration in motion. Whether I am strumming chords, “finger picking” arpeggios, or racing through scale patterns up and down the fingerboard, playing guitar is always fun!

Guitar Coordinator at Utah Valley University
President of Utah Classical Guitar Society
Cindy Spell, Guitar | Gifted Music School


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