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Three Suzuki Generations

Suzuki parent and grandparent, David Platt, is joined by his daughter, Brittany Gardner, and granddaughters to tell their three generation Suzuki story.

"Even with a vision in mind of what you hope to achieve through studying music as a family, it's hard to know at the beginning of that musical journey just what kinds of lessons and growth will emerge along the way," Brittany Gardner says. "Will this take root in my family?  Will it bring us closer together? What kinds of things will we learn together? Is it worth it? What lessons and experiences will be immortalized in our family lore? If we could do it again, what would we change? What would I like to tell my past self? What would I like my future self to know?"

Gardner, her father, David Platt, and daughters Della and Aliya Gardner, addressed these questions and more during the Parent Education Pep Talks Series on Monday, February 8, 2021.

Whether you are a Suzuki parent, student, teacher, or unaffiliated with the Suzuki way, this is for you as you map out your own journey with music pedagogy. 


Three Suzuki Generations | Gifted Music School


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